Craving for Waffles?

Welps! This is my very first blog post! A lot of my friends have encouraged me to start food blogging, I was kind of hesitant at first because 1) I am NOT a good writer and 2) as if I haven’t written enough reports already in school, writing blog posts is like homework to me. But I guess a lot of people nowadays rather look at pictures than read a whole essay,right?! haha Well, my future posts will be short and sweet. More pictures and less rambling!

Lets get things started: I dedicate my very first post to Nero Belgian Waffle Bar! I’ve been to this place before so I suggested to my friend that we should hit up this place for “brunch”. Who eats dessert as their first meal of the day? Well, I sure do! I know I get it, I am just a tad crazy all right. I seriously needed a dose of sugar to start my day. I was kind of surprised that there wasn’t much of a line up for a sunny Tuesday afternoon. Yay for us!! No wait!

My friend, Olivia, ordered “The Biscuit” – $8.90. Hers had vanilla ice-cream, whipped cream, oreo cookie crumble, and dark Belgian chocolate shavings.  I really love this! I tried it many times as I am a big fan of chocolate.

20140805_133346_resized   On the other hand, I ordered the “Bresillenne” – $8.90. It was my first time ordering this. It was AMAZING! The Brussels waffle was freshly made and crispy. The combination of fresh vanilla ice-cream, whipped cream, hazelnut crumbles + a drizzle of caramel sauce really enhanced the flavour and texture of the waffle. 20140805_133421_resized Would I recommend this place? I sure would!




Nero Belgian Waffle Bar on Urbanspoon



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