Today is one of those days where my boyfriend was craving for pho. We decided to hit up our usual go-to pho restaurant, “Green Lemon Grass Vietnamese Cuisine”. We have been here many times before and I can say we have established a very great relationship with the owners. Yeah, no shame! We used to come here on a weekly basis! I honestly love the food, service, and environment. Every time I come here to eat, the food is almost always on point which is why I consider this restaurant as one of the best pho places in East Vancouver.

So what did we order tonight? My boyfriend ordered his usual “large rare round steak and beef balls pho noodles in soup- $7.75”. The soup base here is actually very tasty and flavorful. I wouldn’t consider it to be very oily. Trust me! I’ve seen worse! Also, they are fairly generous in terms of the amount of rare beef, beef balls, and noodles they give out. TAH-DA the presentation of the dish is not bad! Looks so good, right?

20140806_185433_resizedOn to my dish. I opted for the “chicken satay and spring rolls dry vermicelli bowl – $8.75” because I seriously can’t stand eating anything in soup when it’s such a hot day. Now can we all pause for a moment and stare at this amazing dish? I’ve ordered this dish many times in the past and I always go back to it because it’s that good. The spring rolls were freshly deep fried and crispy. The dry noodles were good as usual, not much to say there. Last but not least, the garnishes made the plate stand out.
20140806_185448_resizedOkay, so you’re all probably going to laugh at me… But I always feel overjoyed and excited coming here because of one thing… these SOUR GUMMY CANDIES that they put out for their diners. Every time I come here, I don’t just scoop out one or two pieces.. I scoop a HAND FULL. What can I say? I love my sweets.

20140806_190837_resizedSo the point I’m trying to make is that everyone should come try this place out!! It can get busy though during lunch and dinner, but the wait is definitely worth it.

Until next time!


Green Lemongrass Vietnamese Cuisine 香茅屋越南餐廳 on Urbanspoon



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