It has been so hot lately that I was in dire need of something that would quench my thirst.  Well, what did Julie discover this time? Screamers. Yes, I have tried the screamers before from “Screamers Soft Serve and Treats” in Steveston, but it is too long of a drive for me just for that.  Welps, thanks to a stranger on Instagram who posted a picture of this goodness from Danny’s Market which is also in Richmond, but A LOT closer. Now I can go grab myself a screamers at my own convenience.  My boyfriend and I decided to go on a screamers adventure to find this market.  The market itself is not fancy, but what really matters to me is the screamers.  It comes in sizes ranging from small to large.  Also, there is a great selection of slurpee flavors to choose from whether you want it by itself or with ice-cream (screamers).

My boyfriend got his usual favourite root beer screamer in a medium size cup ($4.50?) and I went with an orange crush screamer but in a small cup ($3.50?).  We both enjoyed our drinks a lot, especially with the hot weather lately.  The slurpee isn’t too thick and icy but rather smooth and flavourful.  The soft serve vanilla ice-cream was as you would expect from anywhere like McDonald’s.  I definitely believe their screamers are comparable and if not better than the ones at Steveston, especially with the additional slurpee flavours you get to choose from (about 8 in total).  Although it’s fairly expensive for what it is, the screamer portion sizes at Danny’s market are definitely bigger than the ones at Steveston for the same price.

20140809_141137_resized 20140809_141124_resized 20140809_141002_resized 20140809_140956_resized

Now… I am sending everyone off on a mission to Danny’s market to grab a screamer for themselves!  Go now before summer comes to an end!

Danny's Market on Urbanspoon



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