Hmmm….Sounds Delicious, But Does It Taste Good?

While doing grocery shopping at Superstore, I purchased the following limited edition Lays chips ($2.47 per bag):


Bacon Poutine (non-rippled cut)-  It has a strong smokey, salty taste to it, but it lacks the bacon flavour. In my opinion, it just tastes like average BBQ chips with excessive amount of salt. I definitely could not taste the cheese curds either. I would definitely pass on this one as I would rather just buy an ordinary bag of BBQ chips.20140812_211438_resized

Tzatziki (kettled cooked)- This is my least favourite as it has a really strong, salty cucumber taste. Also, the kettled cooked chips texture did not have the crunch factor like Miss Vickys.  It is like eating a deep fried salty cucumber. I wish it had a Greek yogurt taste and reduce the amount of salt.


 Jalapeño Mac & Cheese The name definitely stood out to me because of the combination of comfort food and junk food. I could taste the jalapeño  and cheese, BUT where is the mac?! I want the MACCC!  It is not overly cheesy and you can taste a bit of a kick. It tastes just like the jalapeño and cheddar Cheetos! Beyond any doubt, this flavour is my favourite out of the rest.


There is also another flavour called Cinnamon Bun. The name just did not jump out at me at all so I did not purchase it.

Hurry and try them out!


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