I am so thrilled and grateful to have my friends:  Kimika, Angela, and Andrea who will be joining me on my food adventures! They will be in more of my future food posts, so watch out for that!  The first restaurant we decided to check out on a Friday evening was Havanas on Commercial Drive we have heard great things about it.  

By just looking at the menu, it is kind of limited in terms of food selection.  Nevertheless, we were still indecisive as to what we wanted to order since everything sounded so appetizing.

To start off, we ordered a pitcher of the Tropical Sangria ($25) to share.  It contained white wine, Malibu, mango, fresh fruit, and citrus juice.  I do not generally order drinks when I go out to eat, but I went with the flow anyways!  I have tried sangria at other restaurants in the past and this one at Havanas was one of the better ones.  You can really taste the fresh fruits and it was really refreshing on this hot day as well.  Without question, we all loved it and sipped away.


Next we ordered a few tapas and entrées to share because we found it easier to eat since we were given a fairly small table outside on the patio.

For tapas, we ordered the Truffle Fries ($9.95) which were drizzled with some truffle oil and topped off with minced parsley and parmesan cheese.  I absolutely loved this dish because the fries were so cheesy and deep fried into a golden brown color that I could not get my hands off of it!  They were definitely top notch fries!


We also ordered the Ceviche (13.95), which consisted of fresh cured tuna served with crispy tortilla chips.  This dish was great for sharing between the four of us.  The tuna was amazing as it literally melted in my mouth and this made for a great combination with the tortilla chips which had the contrasting crunchy texture.


For the entrées, we ordered the Mussels Havana ($17.95), which was served in a lobster broth with chorizo sausages, tomatoes, and garlic.  The combination of ingredients used definitely made the dish very decadent and the broth was tasty and satisfying.


The other entrée we ordered was the Paella ($18.95).  This dish was slightly spicy and it contained West Coast mussels and prawns incorporated with house made chorizo sausage, peppers, onions, tomatoes, saffron, rice, coconut milk, and Pernod.  If you are big on seafood, you will love this dish as the proportion was fairly decent with a lot of fresh mussels and prawns.


Overall, Havanas is a great restaurant to host a social gathering with your friends during the summer, especially if you can get a spot on the patio!  The quality and portion size of the food and drinks are reasonable. The staff is inviting and the atmosphere gave a good vibe.  With that being said, I had an amazing time with my girls!  It is a must try restaurant if you are ever in the area!






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