There are definitely a lot of great restaurants that could escape our eyes when driving along Main Street.  One particular restaurant that is not very eye-catching from the outside is Trilussa Pizza and Pane.  At first glance inside the restaurant, there is a home-like café vibe where you order up front and seat yourself.  Their main specialty is serving freshly baked Italian flat bread pizza with a great selection of toppings, including many vegetarian options.  Each of their pizzas comes in three sizes:  3” ($3.75), 5” ($5.91), and 7” ($8).


Personally, I like to follow the greater norm and opt for the most popular item on the menu.  In this case, it is the Vancouver Pizza which I ordered in the 7” size.  As you can tell from the picture, the shape of the pizza is not the conventional round pizzas you would find at many take-out joints such as Pizza Hut and Dominos.  Instead, it is rather an elongated structure.  I definitely made a good choice as the toppings consisted of freshly sliced cold salmon placed on top of organic greens.  As well, the crust had a slight crisp to it while being fairly thin.  The overall taste of the toppings together was just impeccable.


On the other hand, my beloved boyfriend ordered the 7” Pulled Pork Pizza.  This one consisted of shredded pieces of pulled pork, as the name would suggest, along with some spices and cheese.  Please note that this is NOT listed on their menu and instead is one of their daily specials.  The cheese makes it so rich and satisfying.  I just wish they gave more meat, but other than that, it was HEAVENLY!


The restaurant is not big and more like the size of a coffee shop.  Although we were able to get a spot to eat-in when we went, it could definitely get filled up fast on other occasions and is more of a take-out spot.  Also, it can get quite hectic as they receive a lot of takeout orders which can slow down the serving process.

This is definitely one of the cheaper eats in Vancouver.  It is good bang for the buck AND by far one of the easier “yeses” in a long time when it comes to whether or not I’ll be revisiting this place again soon.

Until next time!


Trilussa Pizza & Pane on Urbanspoon


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