My Waffle Search Continues….

My friend purchased this Social Shoppers deal a while back for $13 to Voyage Cafe which is located in Coal Harbour. We decided yesterday would be the perfect day to redeem this deal and have a small reunion. The café is owned by Asians and is travel friendly as there are several options to get to this destination. You can either walk, transit, or drive.


So what exactly did this deal entail? Based on the fine print, it stated that it was good for two people and it included 2 medium specialty drinks and a choice of 2 waffles which can either be savory or sweet. For the drinks, we both ordered hot Caramel Macchiato (Regular price: $4.75 each). The drink was rich and creamy as I expected it to be.


As for the waffles, we both shared one sweet waffle (Waffle & Berries-Regular Price: $9.50) and one savory waffle (Ham & Egg – Regular Price: $8.50).


The Waffle & Berries contained fresh black berries and raspberries that were surprisingly sweet. There was a generous amount of whip cream added on top in addition to enriched dark chocolate syrup that was very empowering. The presentation of this dish captivated me and I definitely preferred this more than the savoury waffle as I have quite the sweet tooth.


As for the ham and egg waffle, the presentation of the poached egg was nicely done, but the yolk was not as runny as I had hoped. The waffles on this were light and fluffy. However, we found the sweet waffle one to be rather chewier. My friend enjoyed the overall taste and quality of the savory waffle more.


From a first time customer perspective, I commend them for the amount of effort they put into designing this café. It is very modernized and has that touristy feel to it with a lot of photographs from places around the world.


This café does exemplify a typical coffee shop which provides a relaxing environment, suitable for social gatherings and dates. Since it is still a relatively new café, there is still room for improvement such as expanding their food selection and enhancing the overall quality of their food. In order to generate a greater crowd and get noticed, they should definitely continue to offer these amazing deals in the near future.


Voyage Cafe on Urbanspoon



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