A New Era of Ramen Addiction?

I want to start out by writing that I was always on the edge about eating ramen.  There are several noteworthy reasons:  1) the amount of meat and noodles given are not suffice to satisfy my stomach, 2) the broth in general is too salty for my liking to the point where I would be constantly reaching for my glass of water, 3) I cannot justify the price based on the small proportions, and 4) it is always considerably hot and unventilated at many of the ramen restaurants, leaving me in a pool of sweat!

Now, I recently visited an authentic Japanese ramen restaurant called “Kamamarui Ramen & Don” which is in Burnaby.  Surprisingly, it has changed my outlook on ramen!  The establishment is definitely a hidden gem and it has a free parking lot for customers.  It is a very small restaurant, with seating enough for maybe about only 15-16 people at most plus a bar seating area.  The staff was attentive and friendly. After ordering, our food arrived very efficiently.


I ordered the Miso Chashu Ramen ($11.50) which had several large slices of chashu (pork) that were not too fatty and still very tender.  The soup contained miso and pork base seasoning that were so flavorful and sweet.  When you whiff the air you can even smell it!  Garnishes such as onions and bean sprouts were added on top. The texture of the ramen was cooked just right as it was not too soft.


On the other hand, my boyfriend ordered Chashu Ramen ($11.50) which was essentially the same thing as mine, but without the Miso taste so it definitely tasted a lot meatier and less sweet.


At our table, there were three types of sauces that we could add to supplement our ramen: chili oil, spicy sauce, and ramen sauce.


I found myself gravitating towards the spicy sauce more just because I like the kick that it brings to my meal.  We were both exceedingly amazed by how authentic this ramen place was and the delicacy of the dish took me by surprise.  This place has my taste buds buzzing for more.  I will definitely be making another return shortly, especially since I do not have to go all the way downtown as much anymore just for ramen.


Kamamarui Ramen & Don on Urbanspoon


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