Mr. Red Café….?! It’s Not What You Think It Is.

Doesn’t the name Mr. Red Café sound mesmerizing? When I first read the restaurant’s name my initial thought was a standard bakery / coffee shop. To my amazement, it was actually a Vietnamese restaurant. Without question, my boyfriend and I decided to have dinner here one evening.

The establishment is located on Hastings Street close to the Nanaimo Street intersection. The restaurant is quite compact, but has a delightful ambiance with red walls and decor. Hence, the name Mr. Red Café. The restaurant itself has definitely generated a crowd of returning customers as it can get quite busy throughout the night.


Their food selection is quite fitting for a small pho restaurant. All their noodles in soup come in one size only. I ordered my usual Bun Bo Hue ($8). I have to say the soup base was quite spicy which I loved. However, I should have been more careful with my lingering cough as the spiciness exacerbated it. The presentation of the dish makes my mouth water as they top it off with a generous amount of mixed meats and lots of diced up greens such as parsley and onions. Needless to say, the noodles were cooked perfectly.


My boyfriend ordered the Sliced Rare Beef & Beef Balls with Rice Noodle in Soup ($8). He also received a decent amount of meat along with his noodles. I tried a bit of his soup and it was also superb as it was flavourful and not too oily. The proportion size of the dish definitely filled me up.

I have a strong feeling I will be coming here more often as it is getting very cold these days and I would love to have a hot bowl of pho noodles in front of me to warm me up! Although, I certainly do not mind trying out their other popular dishes as well!

Time to get your grub on! 🙂


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