Did This Restaurant CATCH Me The Second Time Around?

It was my older sister’s birthday, so my siblings and I decided to go for brunch at Catch 122 Restaurant on a weekday afternoon. My sister wanted to try this place for quite some time. This was my second time coming here and I had quite a different dining experience on a weekday versus on a weekend like last time. This time was definitely less busy as expected, but the service was a lot slower and not as attentive. After we were seated and ordered, I was anticipating for their complementary banana bread that they gave out last time while we waited for our food. Sadly, this did not happen and I was quite let down as it was very delicious from what I remembered. Maybe they only bring it out during weekend brunches? Correct me if I am wrong. Now moving forward, I had my eyes on the Fried Chicken Sandwich served with salad, fries, or soup of your choice ($12) which is only available during weekdays. I must say their buttermilk fried chicken was cooked perfectly as it was crispy on the outer surface and the meat was juicy and tender on the inside. The fennel, arugula, radish, and the richness of the sriracha mayo drizzled made it a divine sandwich. The freshly baked kaiser roll was standard and the salted fries were deeply fried into golden yellow.



My brother ordered the Catch 122 ($12) which I had ordered last time. It contained successfully poached eggs, house-smoked and cured wild salmon, and dill creme fraîche that were sandwiched between a well-baked croissant. In addition, there were some greens and golden yukon nugget potato hash that were supplemented as sides with his dish.


Interestingly, my sister opted for the Duck Prosciutto Eggs Benedict ($12) which consisted of house-cured yarrow meadows duck breast prosciuttos and poached eggs over English muffins topped with hollandaise sauce. As well, her dish came with some greens and potato hash.



I do love the ambiance and the setting of the environment as it brings this historical, comforting pub setting with Indie music playing in the background. The restaurant is located on West Hastings which is essentially in Downtown and easy to get to. I really like Catch 122, but there was just something missing coming here for the second time but I cannot put my finger on it. Perhaps it was the mediocre service or was it the absence of the banana bread? My siblings thought the proportion of their dishes were not filling enough to satisfy their hungriness. For me, the serving was just perfect. If you are on a look out for a decently priced brunch place, I recommend this place as there is a first to everything we try or do in life.



Catch 122 Cafe Bistro on Urbanspoon


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