Taste of Yaletown 2014- My Thoughts On Bistro Sakana!

This year I decided to partake in the annual Taste of Yaletown event with my friends and boyfriend. The concept of the menu and pricing are quite similar to Dine Out Vancouver which consists of a 3 course meal (appetizer, entree, and dessert).  For Taste of Yaletown, the pricing of the menus for each restaurant ranges from $25 to $45.


The restaurant we have selected to go dine at was Bistro Sakana ($35 menu) which is an authentic Japanese restaurant that I have been meaning to try out on my food list. The seating in the restaurant is quite compact and crowded. However, I did have a decent amount of space to get comfortably seated.


To start off, both couples ordered one appetizer of each (Suzuki Dashi-Chazuke and Crispy Wild Sockeye Skin Salad). I got to sample both dishes and I have to admit I enjoyed the Crispy Wild Sockeye Skin Salad less.  It contained a mixture of shredded vegetables such daikon, Asian pear, pea spouts carrot, shiso, and mizuna greens with deep fried salmon skin bits which I did not think went well together. In comparison, I quite liked the Suzuki Dashi-Chazuke dish.  It was a marinated Mediterranean sea bass grilled perfectly and placed over a light macha dashi broth that was very sweet and flavourful.



Moving on to the entrée, we all encountered a laughable moment when we were questioning if the entire meal in general would be filling enough as we initially thought we were only suppose to choose one of the following. However, one of our friends pointed out that we get to sample EVERYTHING listed underneath the entrée section.

Everything on the entrée was plated nicely and looked exquisite. To start off, the Wild Sockeye Jalapeno Aburi “Hakazushi” was overall good, but I had better ones elsewhere.

The Toro Red Chili Aburi “Hakazushi” was amazingly delicious minus the red chili which made my mouth heat up. I must add the albacore toro was very fresh!


Now the Prosciutto Roll was by far the worst as the roll contained goat cheese mixed with mango bits.  I really do not like goat cheese and found the combination of the ingredients bizarre and did not taste good at all.


The Crunchy Filo Scallop & Prawn were wrapped in filo dough which were lightly fired and had that extra crunch factor to it.  These came with a miso hollandaise dipping sauce and the overall taste of this was exceptionally well done. I wish they would have added less batter to the scallop and prawn as I noticed it was difficult to eat because the filo dough bits were crumbling down on me as I was eating.


Finally, the Black Sesame Encrusted Tuna was a lightly seared albacore tuna tataki with black sesame seeds encrusted on it. To some, the amount of black sesame seeds on the tuna may be too much for them to like this item. However, I did not mind it.


At the end, we were given our dessert which was a bowl of freshly cut out oven baked brownies with vanilla ice-cream. There was definitely nothing special about this dessert.


Overall, in my honest opinion, I do believe this restaurant is quite overrated and you cannot compare it to the high quality of other sushi restaurants such as Kishimoto or Miku. Also, I did not think this restaurant left or gave me a long lasting good impression to make me return again. For the price of this menu, I would have ordered individual rolls off the regular menu instead and shared as a group which would have been more satisfying.


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