Itching For Some Malaysian Food Lately? Here You Go…


Who loves Malaysian food? I certainly do, especially at Kaya Malay Bistro on West Broadway anyway! What brought me back here for the second time around were the perks given to me by Qooway! I will tell you more about it at the end of this blog post, so keep reading to find out more!


This restaurant is quite big with a lot of tables and comfortable seating and has an overall clean, pleasant environment. The service was great; our server guided us through the menu and answered all our questions relating to the food and drinks. The food selection is enormous, so if you are a finicky eater, you will have no problem choosing out what you want to eat.

Normally, I do not order any drinks at a restaurant, but for this occasion, I decided to try out the Virgin Pina Colada Slush ($6.50). Basically, it is pineapple juice with cream and coconut syrup. I would say this drink was average. It was definitely refreshing, not too sweet, but it could use a bit more pineapple juice and coconut syrup to make it a perfect thirst quenching drink for me.


Moving on to the tapas, we ordered the Roti Canai ($7) and the Mini Steamed Mussels ($10). Let me tell you about their Roti Canai, they are very well made! This handrolled flat bread is so light while still being flakey and crispy. It also came with a semi-strong curry dipping sauce on the side which actually had a sweet taste and it worked well with the Roti.


The Mini Steamed Mussels was not a huge hit for me as the broth had a strong licorice taste to it even though the menu stated that the sauce consisted of coconut, fennel, cumin, and ginger garlic. The licorice taste definitely lingered around in my mouth the entire meal. As well, there just were not that many mussels in this dish although this was expected since this was the mini version of the dish. Was it worth it? You be the judge.


Along with the tapas, we ordered Singapore Laksa ($10). This vermicelli noodle in soup was by far my favorite. It beats all Singapore Laksas that I have tried at other Asian restaurants. This one is the real deal! The spicy Laksa soup tasted AUTHENTIC! It contains real coconut broth along with tiger prawns, chicken, bean sprouts, egg, and fish cake. The soup was quite spicy, but I like the “heat” it gives off and the proportion of this bowl was huge.


The last item we ordered was the Hainanese Chicken (Quarter $9) served with peanuts, ginger, chili, and garlic spicy sauce. I prefer this Hainanese Chicken more than Mama Lee’s Hainanese Chicken just because it was less fatty while being meatier. I like to dip it in the ginger sauce because I am a huge fan of the taste. We also ordered a bowl of Hainanese Steamed Rice ($2.50) to go with this dish. However, the rice was lacking in flavour and was fairly similar to just regular steamed rice which would have saved me $0.50.


If you enjoy eating Malaysian food like I do, you should definitely give this restaurant a try! It definitely deserves more recognition based on how well they present and cook their dishes. If you sign up for Qooway, you can save 10% off your entire bill every visit and also earn QooPoints! Who does not like perks?

Like I have mentioned, Qooway can offer Vancouverites like myself access to instant savings and deals to not just local restaurants, but retailers too. They are still expanding and trying to reach out to other local merchants to offer us some of the best offers and bargains out there. Learn how you can earn QooPoints and claim deals just by signing up and downloading the Qooway app for free!  Also, thank you Carey for reaching out to me and inviting me to become a Qooway food blogger beta tester!

Register for your Qooway card now for more instant savings :

-Julie Chu

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