PappaRoti’s Famous Coffee Buns


When I was browsing on my phone, I was crossing my fingers in hopes that I would find a new place to get a snack from and I happened to land on the name PappaRoti. I thought it was perfect timing as I was in Downtown already and the coffee shop itself was on Robson Street. My sister joined me on this coffee shop run and it was indeed a venture to take as it was a far walk from the skytrain.


PappaRoti is a decently modernized, mid-size coffee shop where you would be able to grab a comfortable seat and space to get some work done. The downside is that the coffee shop’s environment is rather noisy as the business does pick up during the day. I was drawn to the aroma of their famous fresh baked coffee buns which are a big hit in the shop. The service was superb. We ordered upfront first and then they gave us a number to take with us to our table so that they could deliver our order when it was ready. We had to wait for quite some time to receive our order as it got quite busy, but we did not mind as our schedules were not packed for the day.

My sister and I tried their coffee buns as they advertise them so well and it would be a shame if we came here and did not order it. I got the Strawberries & Whipped Cream PappaRoti Bun Combo ($4.90) and my sister ordered the Banana & Nutella PappaRoti Bun Combo ($4.90).




We thought the dome-shaped coffee bun was just average. The texture was fluffy on the inside and slightly crispy on the outer surface, but we found the bun to be quite bland and just semi-sweet. It tasted quite like a pineapple bun from a Chinese Bakery, but without the pineapple crust topping. The freshly cut strawberry and whip cream suited and complemented well with the bun, but I found myself struggling to eat as things got quite messy and same goes for the freshly cut Banana & Nutella bun for my sister. As well, I found myself applying more pressure on my knife when cutting the bun as it was slightly stiffer than it looked.

Would I revisit this place? Sure! But I would probably pass on the coffee buns and instead grab myself a drink. If you are a first timer at this coffee shop and love trying out new food items, I would go ahead and give these coffee buns a shot!

-Julie Chu

PappaRoti on Urbanspoon


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