I am Madly, Deeply In Love With DESSERT!

Thanks to a friend of mine, I was told about this new Chinese café inside Aberdeen mall that recently opened up that not only serves main meals, but dessert as well. I knew I had to give Sugarholic Café  a try because dessert is my absolute favourite! My boyfriend and I spent our Sunday afternoon there and snacked a bit before we had dinner.

Upon entering the restaurant, I can tell it had a very classy, high tea sort of setting. I loved the decor and environment as I felt very comfortable while waiting for our food to arrive.


To get a sense of what their food and dessert were like, we decided to order one of each and share.


We started off with the Spicy Chicken Omelette Fried Rice ($10.95). We both loved this dish as the rice was mixed with a red sauce which I can’t quite describe in taste but it had a nice peppery aroma to it.  They gave generous amounts of diced pieces of chicken mixed with carrots and peas. I admire the presentation of this dish as the rice is folded nicely inside the egg wrap which makes it look very appealing to eat. They also offered other variations of the omelette fried rice, such as with beef. They seem very popular as I saw a lot of people ordering this as well while we were there.



As for dessert, there were quite a few options to choose from, but we settled on the Pink Lady Honey Toast ($9.95). Not only does this dessert look mouth watering in pictures, but it is wonderful in taste as well. I have tried a few honey toasts in the past from other places, but this place really does win it for me. The toast’s texture is made perfectly. It is crunchy on the outside and very fluffy and light on the inside. It was very easy to bite! We were very happy with our choice in dessert! This dessert came with vanilla ice-cream which was drizzled in strawberry syrup and whipped cream. I definitely can finish this dessert on my own!


The biggest negative with this place is the service which was extremely slow. Nevertheless, I think I found another go-to dessert place for this year! The pricing is fairly reasonable for an Asian café. Quite frankly, I will be coming back very soon with my friend as I enjoyed it very much!

If you are scouting for a new dessert place, definitely give this place a try!


Sugarholic Café on Urbanspoon


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