Saving the Best For WEST!

A million thanks to my boyfriend’s co-worker who gave up her reservation at West Restaurant for us to come here during Dine Out Vancouver 2015. It was literally impossible to get a table as it was completely booked until February 2nd! Although the restaurant is very well-known, I have never noticed it whenever I am in the area.

A few blog posts ago, I talked about Tableau Bar Bistro and how it was a “pure” fine dining experience? Well, scratch that! After dining here for the first time, this is LEGITIMATELY fine dining. This mid-size restaurant is very modern and classy with staff who were very welcoming to guests.

West offered a $38 dine out menu which was what intrigued us to come here in the first place. Soon after we ordered, we were provided with some complementary bread which came with butter and olive oil.


For the appetizer, both my boyfriend and I ordered the Albacore Tuna Tartare because it sounded delightfully delicious on the menu. I loved the freshness of the tuna that was drizzled in sesame soy. It left a really good aftertaste in my mouth, especially when I ate it together with the lightly salted, crispy wonton wrapper that it came with.


When it came to the main course, my boyfriend ordered the Roasted Beef Striploin. I got to taste sample his meat which was cooked perfectly. The tenderness of the meat made it easy to chew. It also came with a Yukon gold potato pave which I loved as it was very crunchy.


For me, I was feeling the Lightly Smoked Keta Salmon Filet for the night. The plating on the dish was phenomenal. The aesthetic detailing of the dish, like the splashes of creamy polenta, brought colour and added beauty to the plate. It definitely increased my appetite. The salmon filet was grilled perfectly without a doubt. Each bite was smooth in texture and very tasty.


The dessert of the night was the Chocolate Raspberry Parfait for my boyfriend and the Lemon Cream Cheese Mousse for myself. I took a bite of his dessert and the chocolate was very rich and empowered with sweetness. Surprisingly, my boyfriend ploughed through his dessert quite abruptly as I do not consider him as a dessert type of person normally. A major reason could be because of the “vanilla chocolate cookie ice-cream” which was served on the side.


The Lemon Cream Cheese Mousse was good overall. It is more of a dessert that I would personally order as I love that tangy and sweet, lemony taste. The mousse was also very light and velvety to consume.


Our weeknight ended on a positive high note because of this fabulous dining experience. Although the proportion size of the food were on the smaller side, it was expected. The food quality and overall dining experience definitely makes up for it. I highly recommend checking out this place!


West Restaurant + Bar on Urbanspoon


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