Food Carts That Are Up My Alley

In collaboration with this year’s Dine Out Vancouver, Street Food City was held from January 19th – 25th,2015 featuring many of Vancouver’s most popular food trucks/carts. The week long event was held at the North Plaza of the Vancouver Art Gallery which is easily accessible to everyone. However, I believe that not all the vendors show up on all days because I was scouting for a few from the list that were noticeably absent when I went.

Given that the weather was quite nice and that there was no entrance fee required for this festival, it was a no-brainer to participate in this grubbing event.

The first food truck we ordered from was Mogu Japanese Street Eats. I was very excited to see that their cart will be back at its regular location on Howe & Dunmsuir starting February 3rd, 2015 from Monday to Friday! They also have a stand at the Richmond Night Market, but it is usually very busy there and they often end up running out.


My boyfriend and I shared the Sweet & Spicy Chicken Karaage (Regular $8.00). It was well worth the price as there were six decently sized pieces of chicken given to us. The flavoursome sweet and spicy sauce was evenly drizzled over the chicken, although most of the sauce ended up on the bottom of the bowl. The meat was very tender and juicy, not dried at all. The crispiness of the chicken was fried consistently all around giving that perfectly golden crust.



Next, we stumbled upon this fellow foodie who was eating this mouth-watering Signature panwich ($7.50) from JJ’s Trucketeria.


If you are a meat lover like I am, you will instantly fall in love with this plate of goodness. It is basically a Filipino bun stuffed with Filipino BBQ pork. The bun was very fresh and fluffy with a bit of sweetness to it. It was served with an abundance of BBQ pork that was well seasoned in BBQ sauce and extremely tender to take a bite out of.



After eating this hefty meal, we got quite thirsty so we bought ourselves a Ginger Beer ($3), which was recommended to us by one of the workers from Aussie Pie Guy. The drink reminded me a lot like Ginger Ale. It had somewhat of a frizz to it, but I did feel a slight tingling effect on my tongue from the ginger. The bottle gave off a rustic look which I thought was pretty neat.


I definitely had a great time feasting here for a short period time and the atmosphere was engaging. It was not overly crowded with people when I went and there was a lot of great food to try out. Try scouting for these food trucks around town, I guarantee you won’t go wrong with trying out some delicious goodness for your belly!


Mogu Japanese Street Eats on Urbanspoon

JJ's Trucketeria on Urbanspoon

Aussie Pie Guy on Urbanspoon


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