Another Place to Try If You Are a Sushi Lover..!

Are you one of those people who on some days cannot make up your mind on what and where to eat? I am one of them. I always resort to Urbanspoon to find new restaurants to try yet I still have trouble deciding. I know for a fact that this annoys my boyfriend to a certain extent, but I just cannot help it.

When it comes to narrowing down my favorite type of food, it would have to be Japanese sushi. I always crave for it from time to time and I know deep down I will not get tired of eating it. Hence on our date night, we paid a visit to Hi-Nippon Japanese Restaurant located in the Kitsilano area. The restaurant itself was quite small and very busy on a Friday night.

We ordered quite a few dishes to try since it was our dinner. We decided to try the Crispy Tuna Roll ($9.25), which was one of the restaurant favourites. Interestingly, the chef’s special spicy sauce used on the roll was not as spicy as I have expected. However, I really enjoyed the crunchy texture which was made from battered flour tempura. It really enhanced the overall presentation of the roll. I believe we made a good choice in trying out this specialty roll.





We also ordered the Seafood Ramen ($8.95), the proportion of this dish was enormous. They gave generous amount of ramen noodles and seafood ranging from prawns, squids, and mini scallops. The texture of the noodles was soft and chewy. The soup broth was extremely flavorful and tasty. I was getting quite full eating this seemingly never-ending bowl of noodles so we decided to pack the rest home.


When it comes to eating at a Japanese sushi restaurant, without a doubt we would order a Salmon
Roll ($3.25) and Salmon & Tuna Sashimi (4 pieces each – $12.75). Each slice of sashimi was very fresh and cut beautifully onto the plate.


Overall, I quite enjoyed this sushi restaurant even though it is quite far from where I live. The pricing of food is quite reasonable like most well known sushi places. I would definitely give this place a try if I were you!


Hi-Nippon Japanese on Urbanspoon



    1. Uhhh okay? This is still considered Japanese food. Japanese people don’t eat sushi “slathered” in mayo and sauces on a daily basis doesn’t mean it’s not categorized as authentic Japanese food. How do you know that some rather die than eat this? Get your facts straight before making rude remarks and generalization.


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