My Verdict on this Food Product.

Do you love to eat chips and chocolates? A week ago, my friend sent me a photo of these limited edition Lay’s chips which are available at grocery stores in Canada and USA. Instantly, I knew I had to get my hands on them. As crazy as it may seem, the sound of chocolate covered chips may not look appetizing or appealing to some. However, there is a saying that we should never judge a book by its cover, which is so true in this case.


This bag of chips retails for roughly $5 and can be found at Shoppers Drug Mart and 7-Eleven as far as I know for sure in Vancouver. I thought how fitting it is releasing it close to Valentine’s Day. I assume it will make a good Valentine’s Day treat for all whether you are celebrating or not.

I thought this bag of chips will be the same size as those regular size Lay’s Chip Bags but I was wrong. It is only 141g! You definitely do not get a lot of the content inside this bag. It is so deceiving because the chips are only filled up less than half way in the bag!


So what are my thoughts on these chips? They are normal Lays chips that are covered in milk chocolate. As hard as it sounds, I can probably buy a bag of rippled Lays chips and dip them in chocolate myself and it still would not cost that much.

The chips were crispy, but it was very sweet. If you were thinking that the combination of saltiness and sweetness was going to be extremely weird tasting, you are wrong! The sweetness of the chocolate definitely overpowers the saltiness of the chips. It was not a problem for me though since I have a sweet tooth in general.


Despite the amount I get inside the bag and the price, I found myself wanting more because it is VERY addicting. Once you start eating, you cannot stop. I would recommend people to try it out and indulge themselves with this as it tastes very unique.




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