Hidden Bowls of Cheap eats!  

There is nothing much more satisfying than to have a hot steaming bowl of noodles when I am feeling under the weather!

I have been eating at Thai Hang Vietnamese Restaurant for quite some time now and I finally decided to tell myself that I would write a dedicated post for it because it really does deserve one of its very own. There is nothing spectacular about the exterior and interior of the restaurant aside that the seating capacity is quite large. You can easily drive past this joint on Hastings Street. It does get busy during lunch and dinner time but the service is great still every time that I have been here. The food selection is quite massive and it may take you awhile to flip through the pages in order to settle on what you want to eat. What I do like about this place is that you have the option of making a combo with your chosen meal. You can add a drink, spring rolls, or a dessert.

During this particular visit, I ordered Bun Bo Hue and I added spring rolls to make it a combo ($10.50). I regret asking for a more mild soup base because the spiciness was just not there for me. I found the soup to be a bit on the oily side but at least a generous amount of mixed meat, garnishes, and noodles were evidently provided. As for the spring rolls, they were quite average in terms of both presentation and taste. I have tasted better ones elsewhere that would leave my mouth with that freshly fried meaty taste.



My boyfriend strayed away from the usual pho and ordered himself a Grilled Lemon Grass Chicken with Rice Noodle in Soup ($8.50). The noodles were cooked perfectly soft, just the right texture. The what appeared to be a very clear looking soup broth turned out to be very flavourful and rather soothing to drink. The chicken was nicely grilled and seasoned. The cut of the meat was thin which made it easy to cut with the knife and chew. Also, a minor thing they did was they served the two pieces of chicken on a separate plate which we really enjoyed because the flavour of the chicken was not drowned by the soup.


This authentic Vietnamese pho joint is a definite must try if you are a pho-lover like myself!


Thai Hang Vietnamese Restaurant 輝記牛肉粉 on Urbanspoon


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