Win-lose Grubbing Experience


How often do I ever come across intriguing food deals on Groupon or SocialShopper that are of good value? SocialShopper currently has a deal going on for a new “Froyo/Waffle” establishment called Stylo Dessert located on Denman Street. The deal has two options to choose from 1) 2 large frozen parfaits for $8 or 2) 2 savory waffles with a choice of Fronados frozen yogurt or drinks for $12. This is an Asian-owned dessert place that has very limited seating space.

My friend bought the $12 deal so we made a trip down to Denman Street. Upon our arrival, our tummies were literally growling. I want to say that I was quite thrown off by the very inefficient slow operation at this place. We arrived an hour after it opened and the worker informed us that it would take 30 minutes to sanitize the frozen yogurt machine, but it took literally 1 hour for her to clean it. I understand that she was the only one scheduled to work at the time, but the fact that she “lied” to us and other customers about how long it would take to finish that task just blew my mind away. Had they known there would be customers coming in during those opening hours, the optimal strategy would have been to sanitize the machine before opening.

Now moving on, we ordered a tuna melt waffle and a turkey mozzarella waffle. The texture of waffle was extremely well made. It was flakey and buttery with a slight crisp when you bite into it. The tuna was kind of dry, crumbly, and salty. I wish there was some sort of dressing sandwiched in there to give it that extra flavour. The turkey mozzarella was very delicious. I loved how cheesy it tasted with the turkey meat, definitely a winning combination in my books.

One waffle order would look like this:


I tried half of the 1) tuna melt waffle and half of the 2) turkey mozzarella waffle.





As for the frozen yogurt, we got green tea and original tart. I liked the original tart more based on personal preference as I like that tartiness taste. The frozen yogurt is smooth in texture and not too sweet. It is very comparable to Menchies and Pinkberry frozen yogurt.


Regular Menus:



Although I had a filling experience eating great waffles and frozen yogurt, the poor store operations provided a negative overall first impression of the establishment. Time was wasted after eating the waffles which took us 5 minutes waiting for the frozen yogurt machine to be running up again. Would I return? Most likely not as I did not find anything unique about the frozen yogurt and waffles and it is quite a travel for me. However, I would definitely buy this deal as it is good value and it is worth a try even though it is an one time go for me.


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    1. Thank you for your comment. However, everyone is entitled to express his or her own personal experiences and opinions when it comes to exploring or trying new things. If I did not have time, I would not be blogging and doing what I love.


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