Two Thumbs Up for Brunch Bonanza!


Nice weather in Vancouver calls for a brunch outing with my two favourite people in the whole wide world: my older sister and boyfriend! I recently discovered that Joe Fortes Restaurant was hosting a Brunch Bonanza from February 7th to March 1st 2015 for $9.95. Now this is what I call a spectacular deal that I cannot possibly miss out on, especially at an expensive seafood restaurant in downtown! As expected, the restaurant was fully booked on a Sunday afternoon and I thank myself for making reservations in advance or else we would be waiting for hours.

So lets get on with the important highlights of the meal! For the Brunch Bonanza, there were three options to choose from: 1) Chorizo Bowl, 2) Classic Eggs Benedict, and 3) Eggs Any Style. Also, you have the option of changing your meal into a 2 course meal (adding a bowl of New England clam chowder or mixed greens for $6) or 3 course meal (adding a bowl of New England clam chowder or mixed greens + vanilla crème brûlée or vanilla gelato for $9).

Right off the bat, I knew I wanted to order the Chorizo bowl which included chorizo, poached eggs, onions, yellow and red peppers, and potato rosti mixed with chipotle cream sauce. The eggs were poached perfectly as they were extremely runny when I dug into them. I loved eating the chorizo as it had a spicy peppery taste to it which gave the dish a nice, subtle heat. As well, the potato rosti reminded me of a flattened crunchy pancake but made with potato of course! I must say it was very delicious! The mixture of ingredients suited well with each other which made it very fulfilling to eat.

2015-03-02-18-48-44_deco_resizedBoth my boyfriend and sister ordered the Classic Eggs Benedict and added a bowl of New England clam chowder. We were quite astonished by the massive amount of food given on the plate! The eggs were again poached perfectly with the creamy hollandaise sauce poured on top which made it delightfully appetizing to devour! However, my sister found the ham sandwiched between the English muffin and the poached egg to be overly salty for her liking, but I managed to help her eat it. In addition, the hash browns were so crispy and lightly salted which made it enjoyable to eat with ketchup on the side! The clam chowder also tasted excellent. It was very creamy even though it was slightly on the thicker side. I definitely ate some clams and a lot of potato bits in there!

2015-03-02-18-47-29_deco_resized2015-03-02-18-48-02_deco_resizedNonetheless, I only have positive things to say about my brunch experience at Joe Fortes and I hope they will be having another event like this soon because it is very affordable for high quality food like this. I definitely encourage you all to take part in this event when it comes up again!


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