Malaysian Cafe in Vancouver BC

Food Quality Can’t Compare

From time to time, I do like to have Malaysian food for dinner and I came across a fellow foodie on Instagram who posted some amazing dishes from Panang Delight Cafe. There are actually two locations: one around Marpole area and one on Renfrew. I decided to visit the Marpole location since it is closer. The restaurant is situated in a neighbourhood which is quite hidden and kind of hard to find. The outer appearance of the restaurant appears to look rather small. However, the interior is quite massive which can accommodate a larger number of parties. The service was decent for a Friday night even though a lot of people were having dinner there as well.

For dinner my boyfriend and I stuffed ourselves with Roti Canai ($5.95) which came in 2 large pieces that were folded up nicely. Their so called Indian style “pancakes” were crispy and flakey in texture and the curry dipping sauce that accompanied the dish had quite a bite to it.

Indian Pancakes
Next, we ate some Penang Satay skewers which came with the peanut dipping sauce ($5.95).  We chose 2 chicken and 2 pork, although beef was another option. The skewers were well seasoned as they were full of flavor. I can pinpoint the taste to be somewhat like curry. The meat was not overly drying, but too oily for my liking.

skewers with peanut sauce
The last dish we ate was the Penang Char Kueh Teow ($11.95). This tasty dish came with flat noodles with some shrimps, bean sprouts, egg, Chinese sausages, green onions, and chives that were mixed in chilli paste. Proportion wise, they gave a generous amount but I’ve tried better elsewhere. The flavouring of the Chinese sausages was too strong and it made the dish extremely oily overall. There is not much to expect from this dish if you are looking to try something very unique.

Flat Rice Noodles With Chinese Pork Sausages / Shrimp
In truth, if you want to eat good Malaysian food, I suggest you to go try out Kaya Malay Bistro on West Broadway as I feel their dishes are more well made and better priced compared to Panang Delight Cafe. My heart is still set on Kaya Malay Bistro when it comes to Malaysian food.


Penang Delight Cafe 馬來檳城美食 on Urbanspoon


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