I stumbled upon another great find on SocialShopper. This time to Liquids + Solids Café for $10 which is worth $20 in value. The name of the restaurant does not sound alluring at all, but more importantly, the overall quality of their food was decent. Out of the three locations that they have, I chose to go to the West Broadway one as I found it to be the most convenient for me.

Modern cafe with nice paintings, chairs and tables

Cafe Menu- Soups / Sandwiches

This is a decent size café where you can do dine in or take out and they offer various types of sandwiches and soups. I ordered the Nutty Chicken Sandwich ($8.45) which contained pieces of roasted chicken breasts that were not dry, topped with freshly washed spinach and tomato slices, Emmental cheese, and some pecan cranberry aioli. It was grilled beautifully on pecan cranberry bread which I honestly loved! I seldom eat dried cranberries on its own but I love the tartness that it gives on bread, making it absolutely delicious! I also got a bowl of It’s a Clam Dunk! Soup ($3.95). It claims that it is a creamy and chunky West Coast clam chowder. However, the creaminess and chunkiness consistency was lacking. The soup was lacking in flavour for sure and there was no sighting of pieces of clam to be found.

Sandwich and Soup

Toasty Chicken Sandwich

On the other hand, my boyfriend tried the Smokin Turkey Sandwich ($8.45) which had pieces of roasted turkey breasts, topped with capicola, cheese, freshly washed arugula, sun dried tomato, and roasted garlic aioli. Like mine, his was grilled perfectly but on sour dough bread. My boyfriend preferred eating his sandwich more after having a bite of mine as he felt the combination of the ingredients suited more towards his taste preference. As for the soup, he got the Grandma’s Chicken Noodle ($3.95). Similar to my soup, he also found his to be a bit bland and lacking in flavour overall. I do believe I make better chicken noodle soup at home!

Sandwich And Soup

Sandwich at a cafe

I think this deal is worth it for $10 and the meal we ate is definitely worth over $20 in value! It is not a bad place to try out if you want a quick bite or a cheap place to go eat! Get the deal now before it is over, Vancouverites!



Liquids + Solids Cafe & Market on Urbanspoon



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