Chicken with rice

Nao is the Time to Go..

If you have never heard of Nao Sushi on Kingsway in Burnaby, you should pay a visit because it is very comparable to Sushi Garden in my opinion. You can also make reservations at Nao Sushi which is a big bonus because who really loves to wait in long line ups? It is not a fancy Japanese restaurant, but it is a pretty standard place to chow down Japanese food. This place offers authentic, high-quality Japanese food.

My boyfriend and I dined here many times in the past and we were always very consistent with our food selection. These are the items that we would occasionally order:

1)      Tuna And Salmon Sashimi [7pcs] ($9.00) – These sashimi were thawed and sliced nicely. Each piece was quite big and you can taste the freshness as it melts in your mouth.

tuna and salmon sashimi

2)      Katsu Don ($7.95) – The dipped batter on the pork was perfect. It was not too thick and fried into a nice golden brown color. Under the thin, crispy layer, the pork meat was very tender and flavourful. The taste of the juicy katsu worked very well together with the egg and caramelized onion slices. Also, an abundance of white rice was served underneath the katsu.

Chicken with rice

3)     Salmon Maki ($2.40) and Negitoro Roll ($2.50) – Both rolls were very good. I especially liked the sushi rice here because it was neither too “mushy” in texture nor too vinegary in taste like some sushi restaurants.

Negitoro and salmon maki

4) Chicken Karaage ($4.95) – They were just average in my opinion as the batter was a bit too thick and not crispy enough. The meat, however, was quite juicy.

chicken karaage

In terms of pricing, it is very reasonable and most items are priced around the same as other sushi restaurants. However, the taste and quality here are certainly a lot better. I like the fact that the seating in this restaurant is not as cramped compared to some other sushi joints where there is barely any arm space between your table and the ones next to it. If you are ever in this area, make sure to look out for this place!


Nao Sushi 直寿し on Urbanspoon


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