Baoguette Adventure

I have been on a Vietnamese banh mi (sandwich) binge lately and no, I am not sick of these sandwiches just yet! If I had to choose between eating a Subway sandwich or banh mi, banh mi will be my number one pick for sure! A few weeks ago, my sister and I decided to have a sister outing where we would do some shopping and eating. I suggested going to Baoguette Vietnamese Bistro on Denman Street for lunch.

Vietnamese Restaurant

We wanted to take advantage of the sunshine in our city so we did take-out instead! We shared a Lemon Grass Chicken Baoguette ($5.25) and House Special Roll ($5.25). To start off, this large baguette was crispy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside making the bread very light to bite in. It appeared very fresh to me! The abundance of meat given was very succulent in taste as the lemon grass flavouring was very apparent when I took a bite out of it. The overall combination of greens, meat, and bread used made it a very delicious banh mi to eat!

chicken sandwich

I found the House Special Roll to be very unique as it had drawn me to order it after viewing some photos. If you are an indecisive person and not a big eater like me who loves munching on spring rolls and salad rolls, you will need to try this! Basically, it is a combination of both items in one which I found it to be a nice twist. Although I wish the nicely wrapped rolls were a bit bigger and had more fillings inside as it was just not enough for two people to share. The spring rolls inside were deep fried nicely which had a slight crunch to them. As well, the pork meat inside had a very good salty flavouring to it. I will return again just for this item!

salad rolls & spring rolls

This restaurant is close to English Bay and it can be inconvenient to get to as there are limited parking space and it is quite a busy area. However, another possible option is to just take transit of course.

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  1. You ought to check out Dock Lunch on 11th + Main on Fridays for Elizabeth’s Bahn Mi Fridays 🙂 More on the pricey side, but the combination of her food and the atmosphere is definitely worth it 🙂


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