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I feel exhilarated about writing this post as I believe I found a relatively great tasting banh mi establishment in my area that is exceedingly affordable. The place is called Banh Mi Saigon which is located along Victoria Drive.They recently opened and have attracted numerous eaters currently with their 20% off promotion until May 2nd. Needless to say, I have been here about three times already, a sign that my banh mi addiction is going strong. I went with my boyfriend and siblings and we were all very satisfied with our subs and drinks.

Store Menu

Banh mi ingredients

We ordered 2 Special Dac Biet ($4.50) which contained head cheese, ham, meat ball, meat loaf, pate, mayo, soy sauce, and vegetables. My sister said the special was similar in taste to the Cold Cut ($3.75) which contained everything besides the meat ball being presented. However, I did not really see much meat balls in her sub so I would say the Cold Cut is a better deal.

Banh Mi

I have tried the Shredded Pork ($3.75) version which contained shredded pork, green onion and oil, fish sauce, and vegetables. To me, I found this to be very bland and dry as there was really not much taste to the meat and the sandwich as a whole. I did not enjoy eating this at all. I definitely prefer the cold cut over this.

Pork Banh Mi

I also ate the Chicken ($4.00) one which contained chicken, mayo, soy sauce, and vegetables. This is another one that I would get again as the chicken was tender and the overall combination of ingredients worked hand in hand.

 vietnamese sandwich

Chicken Banh Mi

Another item I thought worth trying was the freshly baked Vietnamese pastry called Pรขtรฉ Chaud ($1.30). I came just in time as they were taken hot out of the oven! This savoury pastry was very lightly layered and flaky all around. The filling consisted of grounded pork meat. I would try this if I were you!

Vietnamese Pastry

I also tried their Ice Lemon Tea ($2.50) which was an excellent thirst quencher. They used lime and the drink was fairly sweet. It was really refreshing after eating the banh mi.

Iced lemon Tea

The last item I tried was the 6 Colors Dessert ($5.00). This contained ingredients like mung beans, red beans, coconut sauce, and pandan jelly. It was a very colourful dessert and I highly recommend getting this if you love eating beans and desserts in general!

6 Colors Dessert

Overall, I absolutely recommend hitting up this place as the bread is made freshly in-house like most of their ingredients every day! It is very crunchy on the outer surface and soft on the inside. It is not a tough bread to chew on, but can certainly leave a mess everywhere.

Baked Bread

For a few dollars, you cannot possibly go wrong purchasing a large banh mi with a lot of fillings inside. In addition, I thought the staff was very attentive and friendly as they welcomed me into the store, giving very good impression. Note: Try to go early because they sell out fast! Check it out before the promotion ends!


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