As you can tell from the majority of my blog posts, I love Asian cuisines. With that said, I would greatly appreciate some recommendations for some other ethnic restaurants around the city that are worth trying out and blogging about!

I can happily say I found another Japanese restaurant to try out with my boyfriend! This place is called Ki-Isu Japanese Restaurant which is located in Yaletown. Based on my observations, I do believe this is an authentic Japanese establishment. We went on a Friday evening and even though we did not have to wait for a table, this place filled up fast soon after we ordered.

First off, we ordered a Tuna and Salmon Sashimi ($8.95) which tasted quite fresh, but the pieces were cut into thinner and smaller slices compared to other Japanese restaurants.


Next, we ordered their special Brown Rice Salmon Cake ($12.00) which was highly recommended by our server. This consisted of layers of brown rice, avocado, tangy jalapeno flavoured salmon with little strips of seaweed added on top. You get about five big pieces of these which I find is not bad for the price. They were well made and most importantly, tasted amazing. However, I wished the texture of the rice was not so wet and mushy. I love eating pressed sushi from Kishimoto, but the wait is always super long. The quality of the pressed sushi here was really good but I still prefer Kishimoto’s.


Last but not least, we ordered a Chicken Udon ($8.25). The texture of the noodles was soft and chewy. The chicken pieces were tender and well marinated with some kind of sweet sauce that I cannot pinpoint. However, both my boyfriend and I agreed that the soup base was too sweet for our liking. I assumed it was from the sweetness of the chicken sauce. The taste of the Chinese mushrooms was also evidently present when I sipped the soup which bugged me.

Chicken Udon

Nevertheless, if you are looking to try a new Japanese sushi joint sometime soon, give this place a chance because it is worth trying.


Ki-Isu Japanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon



  1. I went to the West Vancouver branch of Ki Isu recently and ordered the Brown Rice Salmon Cake, but they ran out of brown rice, so I had to live with black rice instead. It tasted okay, but not amazing. Looks like I should try it again with brown rice!

    By the way, Ki Isu is Korean-operated but the head chef did train in Japan for a while. Maybe that makes the restaurant semi-authentic?


    1. Ohh yes! You should definitely try it with brown rice! It was pretty good! I am definitely going to go back and try some of their other rolls! Oh really? Good to know because I honestly had no clue! πŸ™‚


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