Japanese Sushi

Amazing Sushi Quality

A month ago, my boyfriend and I were scrambling to find a new Japanese sushi joint to try. We were conflicted between going to Shiro Japanese Restaurant or Toshi Japanese Restaurant. Our decision was easy as we drove past Toshi because to our amazement, there was no line up at all! The restaurant is quite small and parking spaces were very limited, but the food was excellent!

We ordered a Mango & Smoked Salmon Roll ($6.75). The mango was quite ripened and sweet and the smoked salmon was very fresh. The combination of both items really brought out the flavour in the roll. I highly recommend getting this if you ever go to Toshi.

SushiNext we ordered a Negi Toro Roll ($3.75) and Wild Sockeye Roll ($2.65). The tuna belly in the negi toro roll and the salmon were very fresh in colour and taste. When it comes to eating at any sushi restaurant, we always have to order at least one of these rolls to go along with our meal.

SushiSushiWe also tried the Box Sushi ($9.25). This contained ebi, hotate, salmon, avocado, and thinly sliced lemon. In my opinion, this roll was quite simple and nothing extraordinary. I particularly didn’t enjoy the tanginess of the thinly sliced lemon which overpowered the rest of the sushi’s components. For the price of this item, I think money can be better spent on other choices on their menu.

Box Sushi

The last item we ordered was a bowl of Chicken Udon ($6.50) as a filler. The udon was soft and chewy. The sliced chicken meat was not overly tough either. To say the very least, it was a very satisfying bowl of udon to eat.


Japanese Food

After finally eating at Toshi, I do believe the quality is there and the pricing is very close in comparison to other sushi joints. If you like to eat freshly tasting sushi, this place is it!


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