Kickass Hawkers!

When I heard that my friend wanted to go to a place called “Hawkers Delight” together to grab a bite, I was expecting pub food. In fact, it is an authentic Singaporean and Malaysian restaurant. My friend,Tanya, has been here several times and she highly recommends it. This tiny establishment is located on Main Street, very close to the King Edward Avenue intersection. You can easily miss it when driving or walking by because the signage is not very visible. The restaurant is knowingly small and has very limited seating. You should also note that it only accepts cash and you have to order upfront before seating and grabbing utensils for yourself.

We both ordered Laksa Noodles ($7.50) because Tanya claims it to be the best. This massive bowl of noodles could be shared by two people. The soup base was fantastic! It had a perfect blend of mild spicy laksa with a strong coconut presence. The explosion of the different flavours in my mouth was very pleasant. My friend loved it so wholeheartedly that she consumed the whole bowl of broth. This bowl of yellow thin noodles came with an abundance of ingredients including bean sprouts, hard boiled egg, tofu puffs, fish cakes, sliced tender chicken strips, and a generous scoop of chili sauce on top. My only regret was that I should have asked for no bean spouts because I am quite selective when it comes to eating my vegetables.


This place is well worth mentioning and visiting as the menu selection has variety and is very affordable. It is no surprise that a crowd can form during lunch or dinner time because of their delicious and cheap food. I would love to come back and try some of their other popular dishes.


Hawker's Delight on Urbanspoon


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