A Very Delayed Post

I do not understand why it has taken me this long to blog about Shiro Japanese Restaurant. I have been here countless times with my boyfriend as it is close to our homes and the service and food have always been superb. Located on Cambie and West 16th Avenue, this small restaurant has very limited parking space in the parking lot. In addition, the restaurant gets quite busy during dinner hours so there may be a wait!

We ordered the following:

1) Tempura Roll ($5.95) , Salmon Roll ($3.75), and Negitoro Roll ($4.50) – These rolls were all very fresh and the rice was made just right. Their tempura roll is essentially a dynamite roll containing prawn tempura, lettuce, avocado, radish sprouts, mayo, and tobiko. I thought this roll could definitely be bigger for the price but the quality definitely makes it justifiable.

Japanese sushi
2) Gesso Karaage ($5.00) – These deep fried squid legs did not have much flavouring to it as it was just plain salty. If anything, I suggest ordering the Squid Garlic Butter ($4.75) instead where BBQ squid tentacles are mixed with garlic and butter.

Deep fried squid
3) Tuna and Salmon Sashimi ($9.75) – The sashimi here is always fresh as you can tell by the vibrant colors. Although they are smaller cuts compared to other Japanese joints, each piece is a delight. The tuna in particular would melt in your mouth.

4) Hamachi Nigiri Sushi ($2.75) – This tasted great as well! I can certainly eat a lot of this, but hamachi is always a bit more on the pricier side which was no exception here. The chef could have been a bit more light-handed on the wasabi though.

5) Chicken Udon ($6.75) – There is not much to be said about the udon as it tasted essentially the same as most places. However, I do wish there were more meat and noodles given. The chicken pieces were very tender to say the least.

Chicken Udon

It is shocking to see how everything can easily add up. Shiro is definitely on the pricier side for a Japanese restaurant but the quality is apparent. One of my favourite parts about this restaurant is that they hand you a free pack of Pocky sticks for dessert! Being the big Pocky fan that I am, this is definitely a bonus treat. Try this place if you ever stumble across this area!


Shiro on Urbanspoon

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