Venturing off to Taco Land

I made a trip to Los Cuervos a few weeks back with my friend Jon for dinner. I was quite opened to trying this taco place after hearing my friend’s great review. This small establishment can have eaters roaming in during busy hours. I do not have a love or hate for Mexican food, but this place is well worth a try! It is located along Kingsway and Fraser street.

It was not surprising to see quite a lot of options for the taco fillings and no doubt did I have trouble selecting just two! The tacos are formed with six-inch white corn tortillas.

Jon ordered a Lomo Cantinero ($4) which had slow-roasted pork shoulder meat mixed with pineapple pico de galio salsa. He also had a Choriqueso ($4) with house-made chorizo and melted cheese inside and a Flautas ($5) that was crispy rolled taco that contained a duck and sweet potato mixture, feta and chipotle crema. Personally, he did not think there was anything special about what he had ordered. However, he did like the Choriqueso just because it tasted great!


On the other hand, I ordered an Atun ($4.25) which came with seared Albacore tuna, jicarna slaw and a crazy amount of wasabi crema. This one was very inviting as the tuna very soft and the strong concentrated wasabi sauce got my taste buds soaring for more.

Next, I tried the Camaron ($4.25) which featured lightly battered prawns, guacamole, tamarind sauce, and pico de gallo. The ingredients in the filling had a delightful flavoring to the overall taco.

taco mexican

The tacos here are bigger than usual compared to other places and had a lot more filling. Strangely enough,  I did not find the sauce to tear apart the shell and making it very messy to eat.

I also ordered Churros ($5) which came with great disappointment. My friend sought highly of this and said they were one of the better ones she had eaten so I ordered it. I found the churros to be too oily albeit very crunchy on the outside. There was also a very evident lack of cinnamon with each bite I took out of it. Although I did like the cajeta dipping sauce which was a combination mixture of chocolate and caramel, I would not recommend ordering this.


A taco lover would explore and try other places, so check this one out!


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