It happened.

Whether it is going out with one friend or a group of friends for dinner, I always have a fun time. My friend Betty and I finally got together and visited Sushi by Yuji along Kingsway a month ago for dinner. This place has been on my food list for ages as I have heard many raving reviews about their sushi and fresh seafood. It is a small establishment that gets filled up quickly by eaters coming in to eat.

We ordered the following:

1) Marinated Tuna ($5.50) – The chef must have used a heavy hand on the wasabi, which was mixed in with the sauce throughout the tuna. I generally do love eating wasabi, but to a certain extent. Nevertheless, the tuna itself was fresh and delicious.


2) Tobiko with Egg ($2.50)and Negitoro with Egg ($2.50) – If a sushi restaurant offers these, you must order these!  I find biting into a raw yolk with rice very satisfying and enjoyable to eat. It just tastes very luscious. Although the price for one is a tad expensive, the quality and taste are certainly there.


3) Tuna Carpaccio ($7.75) – This was one of my favourite dishes because I love eating high quality and fresh tasting tuna very much. The onions added on top helps complete the dish. Also, the tuna was evenly sliced in thickness.


4) Ikura Oroshi ($5.75) – Any daikon lovers out there? You may enjoy eating this dish as much as I did. I was not very interested in this at all as I do not generally eat daikon.

ikura oroshi

5) Shiro Roll ($13) – Ultimately, I thought that this roll was not worth the stated price. It is definitely big but there was nothing great about it.

shiro sushi

My boyfriend got jealous that I went without him. I would love to come back with him though to try some of their other specialties on the menu. You definitely pay for the quality at this Japanese restaurant.

Happy Eating!


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