Do Not Let the Heat Scare You Away

Scorching hot heat and hot pot soup do not sound like an attractive idea at the moment, but it does not stop me from dining at Boiling Point, a Taiwanese restaurant in Burnaby. I have been to this location and the Richmond one many times in the past, but this time it is a free meal. Thank you ChineseBites for inviting me! The restaurant is air conditioned which definitely made my meal even more enjoyable. There is also street parking after 6 pm!

I sampled a majority of their hot soups:

1) House Special Hot Soup

hot pot

2) Seafood & Tofu Hot Soup


3) Korean Kimchi Hot Soup


4) Beef Hot Soup


5) Lamb Hot Soup


6) Curry Fishball Hot Soup


7) Tomato Veggie Hot Soup


8) Taiwanese Spicy Hot Soup


9) Japanese Miso Hot Soup

hot pot

10) Thai Flavor Hot Souphotpot

11) Organic Tofu


The lamb hot soup was my favorite because I am a big lamb meat eater and I do not mind the gaminess. This soup also contained preserved vegetables which I love in my noodles. Each pot is filled with either seafood or meat with vegetables and tofu added. The soup base is so flavourful and there is the option of choosing the spiciness level you want. The restaurant also makes its own brand of sauces like chili bean sauce, old fashion barbecue sauce, extra piquant sauce, and chili oil which complements the meal nicely. You definitely cannot go wrong with choosing any of the hot soups. You should note that some of the soups, such as the Lamb Hot Soup, come with pork blood which is not liked by some people. If it is not your thing, make sure you tell the server not to include it!

hot sauces

One thing I know I will never order is Spicy Fermented Tofu. I question how anyone can like eating this! It tasted like bad body odour and the taste definitely lingered around in my mouth.

stinky tofu

In addition to the food, our party also got to try some of the drinks at Boiling Point. I had a half sweetened Hokkaido Milk Tea with pearls. I fell in love with this drink when I took my first sip. This has replaced my usual regular milk tea drink for sure!


For our dessert, we got to eat some snow cubes. These were essentially cubes of ice with flavouring. The texture reminded me of a very hard frozen ice-cream. The flavours that were offered were strawberry, sesame, matcha, chocolate, taro, and Hokkaido with brown sugar Konjac. I highly recommend the sesame as the taste seemed more real compared to my least favourite, the strawberry, which tasted very artificial.

snow cubes

In addition to being an option for dinner, Boiling Point is also open for lunch with cheaper prices. If you ever decide to try either location, hope you will enjoy it as much as I did!


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