Italian Pizza


I remember coming to Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria located on Commerical Drive on a Friday evening with my boyfriend and surprisingly, the majority of the seats were not occupied. This Italian restaurant brings a very nice cool, relaxing vibe which is perfect for hanging out with friends on the weekend! I was lucky to get a nice view of how the chefs assembled each of the pizzas together. It seemed like a fairly easy simple process.

Italian Pizza

Being original that I am, I ordered the usual 7” Italian Ham & Pineapple Pizzettas ($9). The pizza had a nice uniform circle shape with the crust being baked fairly crunchy. The centre of the pizza was very chewy and doughy in texture which I loved eating. They could have used more ham and pineapple though, but they really loaded up on the cheese. Also, the thickness of the pizza was perfect as it was in between a thin and thick crusted pizza.

Italian Pizza

My boyfriend wanted to try something different so he tried the 7” Sweet BBQ Chicken Pizzettas ($10). It was consistent like mine. He preferred the toppings on his more just because we never order pizza with chicken in it and the taste was great!

Italian Pizza

We had the typical ‘red tomato sauce’ on our pizzas, but I heard their ‘white sauce’ pizzas are just as delicious which makes me very eager to come back and try some more.

I also caved in and ordered myself a traditional Italian Canella Bellini ($10.50) which came in a small glass bottle. I did not expect the drink to be a sparkling peach beverage. It definitely was not worth the price as there was nothing outstanding about the drink and I wanted more of a slush texture.

Peach Bellini

Overall, we both really enjoyed the pizzas here. The pizzas’ toppings really came together nicely and the toppings and sauce were evenly spread throughout. We could not be happier with the exceptional service we received here!


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