Delicious Omelettes!

If you’re ever looking for a great brunch place to start your day, Paul’s Place Omelettery makes some amazing omelettes!  My sister and I visited this place which is located on Granville Street a few months back for brunch. The decor is very modern and spacious with a stairway that leads to the washrooms. As well, the service was exceptional!

My sister ordered the Da Vinci Omelette ($10.25) which had pieces of chorizo sausages, mushrooms, tomato, spinach and feta in it. The omelette was very smooth and buttery, not dry at all. It was also folded nicely tight like a burrito wrap which made it easier to eat. It also came with buttered multigrain toast, jam and slices of grapefruit garnish on the side. My sister also ordered pan fries for $.1.50 which weren’t very crunchy at all. They were like lightly pan fried baked potato bits.

breakfast omeletteI, on the other hand, opted for the Denver Omelette ($9.75). Mine was also nicely wrapped but featured ham, mushrooms, tomato, onions, red peppers, cheddar, and edam and cream cheese. I essentially had the same sides as my sister, but I did not add the pan fries. I know it is not hard to make my own omelette at home, but this place really does a great job. A great bonus is that they use only B.C free run eggs to make their omelette!



We were overly full from this meal and we definitely believe it is worth a try for the money. They were very generous with the ingredients given and I would return again if I am ever in the area.


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