Very Authentic!

I always wanted to try Ramen Jinya on Robson Street, but the line up was always insanely long. Hence, I refrained from going. However, I was excited to hear that the Kerrisdale area has opened one up as well! My boyfriend and I went in the evening during a weekday and it was quite busy with a 10 minute wait. Any restaurant that is air conditioned is always a good thing, especially when eating steaming hot ramen with somewhat cramped seating on a summer day.

My boyfriend ordered the Spicy Chicken Ramen ($11.80) which he chose mild for the spice level. The chicken broth had a delicious savoury taste accompanied by chicken chashu, spinach, green onion, fried onion, and the noodles of course.

Chicken Ramen

For myself, I ordered  the Tonkotsu Assari ($10.50). This had a very meaty pork broth, pork chashu, green onion, seasoned egg, and spicy bean sprouts.


I actually quite liked the ramen here because the soup base is not thick and their thick noodles were cooked perfectly soft. However, it was kind of expected from a ramen place that not much meat was given. There is an option though to add additional meat on the side at an extra cost. The juicy meat was tender and soft and definitely not fatty at all. It was not a big bowl of ramen with a lot of noodles in it, but I was pretty full in the end. For bigger eaters, you can again add more noodles for an additional $1.50.

I have not eaten a very good ramen like this in awhile and good ramen places are for sure hard to come by in this area!


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