A Nostalgic Feeling

Anybody remember going to Twinkle 1 or 2 for some late night bubble tea back in the days? The owners finally brought it back after closing down for several years and renamed it “Twinkle Cube Cafe”. Somewhat hidden, it is now located at Central Square in Richmond on the second floor near Ninkazu. This place can easily go unnoticed as it is located upstairs after a long winding hallway with nothing in between. Looking for parking can be a painful experience as well since the number of spots inside the tight parking lot is fairly limited. Once inside, the small establishment is nicely decorated with candles and dangling lights. In addition to an outdoor patio seating area, Twinkle Cube Cafe also has two electronic dart machines for customers to play.

As for the menu, the drinks are still the same from what I remember but the food maybe slightly different. My boyfriend, friends, and I were curious to see what they had to offer.

In terms of drinks, we each chose one of their specialty drinks that were carried over from the previous menu.

Blue Beach ($5.85)                                        

 Sunny Day ($5.85)


 Secret Love ($5.85), Little Red Riding Hood ($5.85) , Orange Surprise ($5.85)

IMG_20150726_183927 IMG_20150726_183836

I tried the Secret Love which was a grape drink. However, I did wish my drink was slightly sweeter to fit my taste a bit better. It would have been more helpful if they had defined what each drink entails on the menu. It was a big risk for me to order an unknown drink thinking that I might end up not liking it. Nevertheless, our server was very patient in explaining what each drink was made of when we asked. In the end, it all worked out, but I preferred my boyfriend’s drink more as it had more of a citrus taste.

For food, one friend ordered the Wonton in Soup ($5.85) which I thought was a very small proportion. The rest of us ordered noodles in soup where we got to choose which type of noodle and soup base we wanted.

Garlic Chicken with Udon in Tonkotsu Soup ($8.35)


Teriyaki Chicken with Udon in Tonkotsu Soup ($8.35)

(same as above but with teriyaki sauce on the chicken)

Satay Beef with Udon in Tonkotsu Soup ($7.95)


Satay Beef with Udon in Miso Soup ($7.95)


I thought the satay beef was a little too over cooked and tough to chew. The satay was fairly absent as I hardly tasted it. The tonkotsu soup base was fairly meaty and tasty, but was slightly on the saltier side. We all agreed that the proportion size was more on the smaller side and was not filling enough. However, the overall presentation of the dishes looked incredibly appetizing!

Just hearing about and coming back to this place to hang out brings back a lot of fond memories my friends and I had when we were still attending University. If you are searching for a new (or old for some in this case) bubble tea joint to try out, give this place a go!


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