A Winner in My Eyes.

Guess what? There’s another new ice-cream establishment called Rooster’s Ice-cream Bar in town! It is located on East Broadway near Vancouver Community College with some street parking, but with restrictions of course. My first initial impression when I stepped inside the shop was that they need to work on their presentation a bit. It was not particular welcoming as there were only two small tables with few chairs to eat there. As long as their ice-cream is good though, it will suffice. For the most part, it is best to get your ice-cream and eat elsewhere. I will say though they sell some pretty random things inside the shop like chips, nuts, and candies besides ice-cream.


Now on to the good stuff: they do have a decent range of ice-cream flavours with some that I never even heard of or tried before at Earnest Ice-cream and Rain or Shine.


Flavours: Fresh Lemon Poppy Seed, Blueberry + Balsamic, Salted Caramel + Sea Salt, Cookie Cream Chocolate Base, Triple Strawberry Vanilla Bean, Dark Chocolate Chunk, Rockstar Whiskey & Hazelnut, Prince’s London Fog, and Avocado Lime Coconut

They claim that their ice-cream is 100% home made using fresh local ingredients which I do believe! Being the only customers at the time, we were able to sample some of the flavours before finally choosing. I got the double scoop for $6 where I selected two flavours. The Triple Strawberry Vanilla Bean had real frozen strawberries inside. The second flavour, Cookie Cream Chocolate Base, contained bits of oreo. It was not too chocolaty which I was quite pleased with. The texture of the ice-cream was very milky smooth and creamy. For the price, I thought it was well worth the money spent as I got TWO large scoops of ice-cream and they tasted amazing. It could be shared between two people!


Do not let the presentation of the store fool you. Rooster’s make some high quality ice-cream that is definitely comparable if not better than other ice-cream parlours out there in Greater Vancouver. It is definitely not as busy as Earnest Ice-cream or Rain or Shine yet, but I do believe the business will pick up when more people start noticing them so spread the word!!!!


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