Food Versus Service

A month ago, I dined at Newton’s Taiwanese Beef Noodle House located on the corner of Saba Road and Buswell Street in Richmond near Richmond Centre. Being a fairly new establishment, the restaurant’s signage is not strikingly noticeable and quite hidden. Their tables and seats are evenly spaced out, but close enough to peek over to your neighbouring tables to see what they have ordered.

Like most Taiwanese beef noodle restaurants, they offer an array of bubble tea drinks, small appetizer side dishes, special rice and noodle dishes, and of course, beef noodles.

I ordered their Spicy Taiwanese Beef Noodles ($9.50), which came in only one size compared to other places where you get either the small or large options, and I asked for mild spiciness for the soup. You also get the option of either thick or thin noodles. I opted for the thick. This was a decent size for a bowl of noodles. The beef brisket was cooked fairly tender and the tendon also had the right amount of chewiness to it. The soup itself is always an important component of any beef noodle and Newton’s was very flavourful while being topped with pickled cabbages and cilantro. I was very full near the end of the meal but I found myself wanting to drink some more of the soup.

beef noodles


The restaurant was not very busy at all, but the service was EXTREMELY slow as the servers were inattentive when serving the food. We noticed they often had no clue which tables ordered what. My food also took quite a long time to come out and, to say the very least, I was starving by the time it had arrived.

Aside from a few kinks that they need to work on in terms of service, I thought they delivered a very solid bowl of beef noodle soup that was surprisingly very delicious.


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