Reliving It Again

It has been a while since I came to Hapa Izakaya for its ‘Hapa Hour’. Each of their Vancouver restaurants (Robson, Kits Beach, Yaletown, and Cole Harbour) offer happy hour daily with varying times and unique items at each location. I visited the Robson location this time and arrived right when it started at 5:30 pm. If you are lucky, you will be able to find street parking. Being in downtown however, it can be hectic.

Some of their half off price dishes that I tried included:

Beef Tataki $5

beef tataki

beef tataki

One of my favourite dishes here. The slices of beef were cut evenly thin and drizzled with sesame chili sauce. Eating it together with the onions gave it an extra slightly crunchy element.

Negitoro $4.50


20150801_175129 (1)

The chopped fresh albacore tuna was served nicely with toasted garlic bread. The chopped raw green onions in the mixture certainly added to the dish’s overallpresentation and freshness.

Ebi Mayo $4.50

Ebi Mayo

The tempura prawns had a nice golden crisp to them. The batter was evenly coated around each prawn and not too thick. Also, I did not find the mayo to be spicy at all, but it still tasted amazing though.

Spicy Dynamite Roll $4.50

Dynamite Roll

This roll was standard and tasted no different than any other dynamite roll you can possibly get at other sushi joints. It was good, but not the best.

Mentaiko Udon $4.50


This dish impressed me the most. The spicy cod roe sauce was very creamy and rich in flavour. The dish was not spicy at all and the udon was cooked just right. It was such a simple, yet delicious dish.

Hapa Izakaya offers decent value on their selected dishes during happy hour, especially considering the fact that these dishes would be double in price otherwise during regular dinner hours. It is definitely a great place to hit up for happy hour with amazing service as well!


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