Longtail Kitchen  

About a month ago, I finally got to try Longtail Kitchen and it was not quite what I had expected. They serve Thai and Malaysian fusion dishes that were on the pricier side for quite small proportions. This restaurant is located around the New Westminster Quay. After you place your order up front, you can seat yourself and they would bring the food to you. Although there aren’t that many seats inside, there is the option of eating just outside in the food court area seating as well.



 Famous Chicken Wings with Tamarind Sauce ($8)


The deep fried chicken wings were as delicious as they looked and were definitely the biggest highlight of the meal. They were sweet and salty with fined grain of salt and sugar particles which tended to drop everywhere when I held it up to eat. Nevertheless, the wings were very crispy and juicy. The tamarind sauce that accompanied the wings were a bit too sour for my liking so I didn’t use a lot of it. The wings still tasted amazing regardless though even without the sauce in my opinion.

 Chicken Kao Soi Curry Noodle ($12)

This was my least favourite dish as the curry sauce was quite sweet and fiery. The fried egg noodles at the top were a creative idea, but the texture of it did not interest me and also made it quite hard to eat the dish as a whole. Instead of providing smaller pieces of chicken like I would have preferred, this dish included a whole drumstick and thigh. The chicken was very tender and easy to dig into even with the plastic forks provided. Also, it was quite interesting to see quail eggs in this dish.


 Pad Si Ew with Beef ($10)

The noodles were slightly undercooked and the overall dish was rather oily. They really limited the amount of meat given which was disappointing. However, this dish was great in flavour.


My experience at Longtail was interesting to say the least with some hits and misses. The creativity with some of the dishes was quite evident, but the price and proportion of the food leave something to be desired.


Longtail Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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