Taishoken Ramen  

Over the past few months, I have grown to love eating ramen more and more. This new found craving has led me to explore many different ramen restaurants around the city. On this occasion, I decided to visit Taishoken Ramen which is located in downtown Vancouver around Tinseltown.

 Shio Ramen  (Regular- $9.95)

Japanese Ramen

This pork and chicken broth was seasoned with salt. However, I did not find it as flavourful and rich as other ramen joints. Overall, it was just plain salty. I also got to choose the type of cha shu I want (either pork shoulder which  is leaner or pork belly which is fattier). I opted for the pork shoulder. Although the meat was tender, it was a bit too lean than what I would have liked. The noodles were cooked perfectly al dente.

 Tsuke-men Ramen  (Regular- $11.45)

japanese ramen


 This appeared to be really popular as I saw a lot of people ordering it. This is a great one to order during a warmer day. I loved that the cold noodles were more dense and chewy. The thick dipping broth was unique but it was way too salty and I personally did not enjoy the taste of the added garlic.

 Pork Gyozas ($4.50)

pork gyozas

 These could have been pan fried a little longer to get a slightly crunchier outer layer on the dumpling shell. In terms of taste, they were nothing special compared to other original pork gyozas you can possibly make at home.

 Overall, I thought this authentic Japanese ramen join was just okay. I still prefer Ramen Jinya or Santouka the most because of their tasty broths.


Taishoken Ramen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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