Aberdeen Food Court

I had the privilege to try out some of the amazing dishes from various vendors at Aberdeen food court all thanks to Chinesebites for the invite to the Taste of Aberdeen media event! Occasionally when I am in Richmond, I would come here to eat as the food here are reasonably well priced with enough served to get you all stuffed up.  For this particular event, 20 dishes were being served and shared amongst six people.

Milk Tea with Pearls (Estea Express)

Milk TeaThe milk tea flavour did not have that strong lasting taste that I was looking for like Chatime’s pearl milk tea. Overall, I liked it because it was not overly sweet and the pearls had the perfect chewiness to them. I was surprised to see coconut jelly inside this drink which is my all time favourite topping for bubble tea!

Sakura Roll (Aji Hana)
sushi rollThis Japanese sushi roll contained prawn tempura, avocado, and chopped scallop. This roll did not stand out much and I did not find anything special about it.

Original Bubble Waffle (Bubble Waffle)bubble waffleThis had the crunch factor to it, but the inner texture was quite dense for my liking. I still prefer the Bubble Tea Shop’s bubble waffles more as it is more fluffy and chewy.

Curry Fish Balls (Bubble Waffle)

fish balls

They were so good!!! I love the spiciness to them!

Pan Fried Chinese Chives with Pork Dumplings (Chef of Dumplings)

IMG-20150917-WA0013These were nicely pan fried dumplings that were not overly stuffed with ingredients and were sealed perfectly. I know a lot of people have distaste for Chinese chives, but I can tell you I love eating chives in anything.

Hot Sour Noodle (Szechuan House)

DSC01174I do love the potato crystal noodles in this, but the hot sour soup was empowered by very hot chili which left a numbing sensation on the tongue. I only sampled a little as I was afraid it might affect my taste buds for the other upcoming dishes.

Deep Fried Chicken Wings/Squids (Wu Fung Dessert)

deep fried chicken and squidI have always liked their deep fried chicken wings as they are so crispy and juicy. I would definitely order this as a snack! It was my first time trying out their deep fried squid which I never noticed on their menu. The squid was crispy and not overly chewy to the point where you would have to cut it with a knife.

Prawn Wontons (Lung Kee)

wontonsServed in a generic broth, the wontons were massive and contained big pieces of prawns. I also liked the presentation of how they were wrapped. I have to order some for myself next time!

Popcorn Chicken Nuggets (Yougo Chicken)
chicken nuggetsBased on the looks and taste, they resembled ones you would find at any Taiwanese bubble tea places.

Drunken Chicken Hotpot (Tofu Hotpot)
drunken chicken soupI was kind of iffy about this dish. I am sure it contained a lot of MSG and that it is no where near as perfectly good as the ones that your mom would make at home. The taste of the wine was not strong enough and I thought the chicken pieces were notably dried.

Chicken Bulgogi & Pork Belly (Kitchen Korea)

DSC01191It was generally good with the meat being tender, but I thought the sauce was what made it tasty. The pork belly might not be for everyone as it was excruciatingly fatty for the most part.

Baked Pork Chop on Rice (Mambo Café)

baked pork chop on riceOne of my favourite dishes of the night as the pork chop was tender and tasted great with the tomato sauce and rice.

Soy Sauce Chicken and Long Gong Chicken / Sticky Rice (Leung Kee)

DSC01194The chicken looked visually appealing and tasted succulent. Each piece contained a lot of meat. Between the two, my favourite was the soy sauce chicken because of the subtle sweetness from the sauce. I thought both types of chicken are very comparable to HK BBQ Master.

sticky rice
As for the sticky rice, I only ate a spoonful because I did not want to get too full from this. The sticky rice was decent, but I thought it was a bit lacking in flavour.

Club House Sandwich (Strike)

DSC01180This sandwich was stacked with a lot of ingredients including beef patty, eggs, bacon, and tomatoes! Being so thick, it was a bit hard to eat even with a toothpick to hold it in place. I thought it was a really nice produced sandwich. It was definitely a filler.

Saboten Set (Saboten)

IMG-20150917-WA0029I’ve always heard good things about Saboten but never had the chance to try it yet. This set consisted of nicely breaded deep fried prawn, pork tenderloin, and pork loin. The meat was very tender, meaty, and crispy. However, the breaded prawn stood out to me more as I am a seafood person.

“A” Grade Ribeye Teppan with Egg and corn (Teppan Kitchen)

IMG-20150917-WA0039The slices of rib eye was cooked slightly rare which I love! The meat was very tender and was covered with a delicious sauce. The presentation and taste of the dish won me over. I will definitely order this next time when I visit Aberdeen.

Dumpling with Tuna and Corn
DSC01197I do not know what the proper name for this dish is or which stand it came from, but I did not like this. The wrap was quite thick and greasy. The combination of tuna and corn together did not work well.

Hainanese Chicken on Rice (Cafe D’lite Express)

DSC01202It was a very oily, but appetizing dish. I wished the chicken came with more meat. It tasted amazing with the chilli sauce which contained ingredients such as red chillies, garlic, white vinegar and sugar!

Chocolate Banana Fresh Cream Mini Crepe ( Mazazu Crepe)

DSC01211The crepe was thin and quite doughy in terms of chewiness. This crepe was served cold which I preferred it to be warmer.

Mini Cream Puffs / Cheesecake Stick (Beard Papa’s)

DSC01213The puffy cream puffs had a nice uniform shape to them and contained whip cream inside. The cheesecake sticks were rather disappointing. They were quite dense and not very smooth.

Shaved Ice (Frappe Bliss)
IMG-20150917-WA0043IMG-20150917-WA0041I fell in love with the shaved ice here as the ice is very smooth and fluffy. In fact, I like it more than Icy Bar which is rather inconsistent. These were fully loaded with toppings, but my favourite was the “A Dream in Eden” which was toppled with a lot of my favourite fruits. This was a great and refreshing way to end the meal!

Overall, this event helped me explore and taste test the different types of dishes being offered at the Aberdeen food court that could be easily missed or deceived under the public eye. The amount of food I tried was definitely overwhelming and many of us left with a box of amazing leftovers to be shared with family!



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