CRAFT Beer Market

What better way to kick off a lovely weekend than with brunch! E suggested to check out CRAFT Beer Market’s brunch menu one weekend. Craft is massive in size and features an extensive beer selection on tap. No wonder this place is always full at night during weekends! Located in the Olympic Village, CRAFT’s atmosphere is definitely lively with loud music playing in the background.

There is an array of food selection on their brunch menu, but I went for the Breakfast Tacos ($14).

breakfast tacos


You get 3 soft shell tortilla wraps which holds the ingredients together nicely. These tacos were packed with scrambled eggs, pico de gallo, guacamole, feta cheese, cilantro, and the star of the dish, the beer can chicken. I admit I am not the cleanest eater out there and eating the tacos was definitely a challenge for me! The sauce and ingredients were overflowing and dropping everywhere on the table. On another note, the hot sauce added a mild level of heat when eaten with the tacos. Not to be forgotten, the hash browns were a big hit with the added crispness and perfect, small bite size.

Chicken & Waffles ($15)

Chicken & Waffles
The chicken was slightly on the drier side and could be juicier. Nevertheless, there was an ample amount of chicken served on top of the waffles. In terms of the waffle, it was missing the nice crisp when biting into it. It was slightly on the denser side. This is not the dish I would recommend others to order. The watermelon on the side however was a nice and refreshing way to finish the dish.

If you are seeking for a weekend brunch spot where you would want to avoid line ups, I suggest visiting this place!


CRAFT Beer Market Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



  1. I literally just passed by Craft last night but didn’t think much about giving it a try. Those breakfast tacos look delicious though. Guess I’ll have to visit for a weekend brunch!


  2. Nice highlight about Craft Beer Julie. Seen this building at Olympic Village a couple times. I hear they got a good burger (20 Napkins Burger); have you tried it and if so is it worth going for?

    The food and reviews I’ve read so far seem to indicate their food prep isn’t great. (generally dry and not overly fresh with some saying they had food poisoning.)


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