Slickity Jim’s Chat n’ Chew

My kind of relaxing is having brunch with my friend on the weekend. We headed to Slickity Jim’s Chat n’ Chew and it was no surprise that there was a line up. There were other eager eaters like myself who woke up early to brunch! The wait was at least 30 minutes for us as we wanted to be seated with a table and not the bar area. Initially, we thought there were only a few tables at the front of the restaurant, but there’s a hidden passage that leads to the back with a few more tables!

Slickity Jim’s offers a lot of variety in its menu which made it hard for me to choose something! I had to refer to ‘eenie meenie miney moe” just to make a decision.

Motor Benny $13.50


The toppings consisted of chorizo sausage , bacon, black forest ham, and cheddar which were assembled nicely on top of English muffins. This tasted just as amazing as I thought it sounded when I read it on the menu. The egg was medium poached with the yolk still having its runny consistency. The dish also came with a lot of hash on the side, topping me up fully.

I See Food $13 


This was a crab cake benny sandwiched with avocado. My friend and I gave each other’s a try. I thought it was delicious, especially since I am not a big avocado eater. It went hand in hand with the crab cake which the benny was generously loaded with.

All in all, my first time experience was a good one. The dishes really presented itself well and served nicely as delicious comfort food I thought. Also, if you’re a foodie like myself you would definitely want to whip out your camera and take multiple shots!


Slickity Jim's Chat n' Chew Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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