Hidden Valley Greek Tzatziki

It was such great timing for Hidden Valley Ranch to send its new Greek Tzatziki dressing for me to try! I was needing something new to add a different taste to my lunch meals. I have been really busy lately and wanted to make something quick and simple to bring to work.
Since the holiday season is fast approaching and I know I will not be watching my diet, I decided to create a healthier Greek gyro wrap. Since I wanted to eat somewhat healthier, the ingredients were quite simple. I chose what I thought would suit my taste better. Nothing too fancy, but the dressing used was the key ingredient.


No proper measurements were used to create this brunch wrap. I basically just eyeball and estimated the proportions.


Pita bread
Greek Tzatziki
Orange pepper
Salt and pepper

I sliced the raw chicken into thin strips and then seasoned it with salt and pepper. Next, I pan fried them with oil until they were fully cooked. I placed that aside and heated the pita breads in the oven until they were nice and warm. Afterwards, I took it out and started topping the pan fried chicken pieces, sliced baby tomatoes, and  arugula on to the heated pita breads. Lastly, I drizzled the Greek Tzatziki dressing and folded the pita bread and ingredients into a nice taco looking shape.


Hidden Valley Ranch’s Greek Tzatzki definitely brought another element to my brunch wrap. It was very creamy with a delicious zesty flavouring. The best part was that the dressing was not overly heavy and salty at all. The bottle shows that it contains about 50 calories, which is not too high for a dressing. This dressing could be used as both a dressing or a dip mix. It retails for about $3.99 to $4.29 at grocery stores, a reasonable price for a dressing. I am definitely not a great cook, but this was a learning opportunity for me to try new homemade meals. I cannot wait to use this dressing for my future home cooked meals!


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