Vancouver Christmas Market

It’s that time of the year again! I have not attended the German-inspired Christmas Market for about 3 years and it was such a delight to have received free tickets from Sophia who is the Zomato Community Manager for Vancouver. I invited my friend to come along with me to join in on the fun! This market is located at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre Plaza on Hamilton Street in Vancouver and is taking place until December 24th. The opening hours are 11 am to 9 pm except it closes early at 6 pm on Christmas.

Admission Prices:

Adult – $8

Youth- $4

Senior- $7

SocialShopper currently has a deal for $11 for two people which is definitely cheaper!

It’s a fairly small market. It took us about only 1 hour or so to go through the whole market. Along with the free admission, we also got a complimentary collectible mug, free ride on the carousel, free food, and a drink.

Recommended Stands to Look Out For:

1) Candy Meister


Any candy lovers out there? They give out free samples of their candies! They’re all organic too! My favourite was the raspberry. It has a nice refreshing, minty, raspberry flavouring!

2)      Haxen Haus



Their pork hocs had me in awe. It sold me when I stared at it while it was roasting. I knew I had to try it! It was specialized in Germany. I got the pork hoc in a bun which was quite filling. The pork hoc was tender and juicy. The thinly sliced radish adds nice flavouring to the meat. The drizzled mustard provides another element to the whole product making it a bit sour and salty. The baguette was crisp on the outside and very soft in the inside.

3) Art of Soap


· If you are into crafty and scented things, this place has handcrafted fruit soaps. They look like edible fruits from afar in person. Apparently, they use real fruits and juices to make the soaps and their nice long-lasting scent.  The nectarine was personally my favourite and I knew I could not leave the market without it. These soaps would definitely make an unique Christmas gift for your loved ones!

4) Carousel Ride

It reminds me of my childhood days at Playland. The ride lasted about 2-3 minutes, but it was definitely a cold ride as the cold air was brushing through my face!

 If you plan on visiting the Christmas Market, make sure to bundle up as you do not want to catch a cold! It is definitely worth checking out on the weekend with friends and family!



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