Ha Café

I have a soft spot for Vietnamese food so I am always on the look out for new restaurants to try. I came to Ha Café on two separate occasions and I am quite pleased with the service and the food. With most Vietnamese restaurants being very filthy looking, this one has a cleaner atmosphere and can be super busy as well.

Grilled Chicken / Spring Rolls on Vermicelli ($8.25)

Spring rolls and Grilled Chicken Bowl

I love this dish! This would be one of my go to dishes at all Vietnamese restaurants. The spring rolls here are freshly deep fried with a nice crispy golden colour. I love how they give a lot of chicken which was tasty and juicy. They were generous with the vermicelli as well. I would say its definitely worth the price!

Lemongrass Chicken on Vermicelli ($7.95)


If you’re a lemongrass chicken lover, you would need to try theirs. The chicken was enriched with a strong lemongrass flavouring which made the juicy pieces of chicken very delicious. You can definitely not go wrong with ordering this dish.

Special Beef Noodle and Soup  ($8.25)

This came with beef brisket, rare beef, beef tripe, and beef balls with rice noodle. This featured a clean soup base which I found to be not that oily. An abundance of meat and noodles were also given too! Even though they only have one size for their pho, I was pretty full from eating this.

In general, I thought they delivered some solid typical Vietnamese food. I did not have high standards coming into this restaurant, but I was happy with the outcome of my dining experience here. I just cannot get enough of their foodIMG_20151022_124855


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  1. Hi there,

    I have a favorite, just kitty corner to Ha Cafe. It is called The Green Bamboo and they are in the Crystal Mall building, the entrance is on Willingdon, facing west towards the Esso station. They are next door to the Ali Shan Restaurant:



    They offer both Viet dishes (pho, bun, com, etc) as well as Taiwanese beef noodles, other various Taiwanese/Shanghainese dishes and their menu descriptions can confuse those two genres ….. so be sure to ask Olive the waitress and clarify. Their phos are awesome IMO as are their chao gio (rice paper).



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