Café Medina

780 Richards St, Vancouver, BC 

It was time for a revisit to Café Medina at their new location on along Richards Street in downtown. I had been to their old location back in 2009 and vividly remember how good it really was. Coincidentally, my friend has never been here yet so the timing was perfect.

We saw a little crowd from afar as we were walking towards the restaurant so we knew there would a wait. The line up moved quite steadily and resulted in a 20 minute wait for us!

The restaurant’s set up is very modern, with a relaxing and sociable ambience. However, I wish the tables were more spread out as it made me feel claustrophobic.

What was ordered:

Les Boulettes ($17)



The massive lamb meatballs, roasted pepper, black olive and tomato stew appeared slightly tart for my friend, but she found the proportion for her dish to be just right for brunch. She also fell in love with the raita which is the yogurt like aspect of the dish. The focaccia bread was also super fresh and soft.

 Saumon Fumé ($14)


Any smoked wild salmon lovers out there? The combination of smoked wild salmon mixed with cream cheese brought immense flavouring to the dish. This was toppled over a slice of grilled ciabatta. It was unique how they added one fried egg over smoked wild salmon and bread and the other slice of bread had a salad which consisted of arugula, peppers, and artichoke with smoked wild salmon underneath it. Each definitely gave me a different perspective and taste, but both were equally just as good.

Leige-Style Waffles ($3 each) + $1 (topping)


Medina is also famously known for their waffles. I ended up ordering three! They have quite a selection, but I chose the raspberry caramel topping which turned out to be a good choice! There was a hint of raspberry flavouring mixed in with the caramel. The sauce was not too thick, but quite sweet which makes sense because the caramel itself is generally very sweet. The waffle was very light and moist  when served and eaten warm. It is also very good eating it on it’s own without any sauce!

If you are planning to dine at Medina for brunch, I suggest going early as the line up can be insane! Also, I recommend trying their waffles as well because they are seriously highly addicting!


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