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Duotian Fish Soup Noodles Restaurant

2800 East 1st Ave #212, Vancouver, BC
Now that Vancouver is getting very chilly, I have been on a hunt for Chinese cafés that offer noodle soup. I came across some food photos of this restaurant and it made me really want to try it. Duotian Fish Soup Noodles Restaurant is located on the second floor of the 1st Avenue Marketplace complex which is on the corner of East 1st Avenue and Renfrew Street.
There is a parkade, but the spots are very tight.

I came here on a weekend and it was super packed. The wait was at least 25 minutes and service was quite slow. Our food did not come out until 30 minutes after ordering. After getting seated, the line up started to die down already.

Like the usual Chinese cafés,  you get to choose your noodles, drink, soup base, and two toppings for $7.95.

noodle soup


I got the Malay laksa soup base with Korean style potato crystal noodles. My two toppings were sliced beef and pork sausage and I ordered a cold milk tea. First off, the laksa soup base did not taste like laksa at all. Instead, I only tasted chili flakes which made it quite spicy. The potato crystal noodles were overcooked, but the meats tasted the same as other cafe places. Initially, I wanted fish puffs but they ran out like some other places do which was quite disappointing. When I order milk tea at different restaurants, it is either a hit or miss. For this occasion, it was definitely a miss as it was way too sweet.

noodle soup

E ordered rice noodles in the original fish soup with sliced beef and BBQ pork as his two toppings. We were quite surprised to see BBQ pork on the list as most noodle soup places that we have tried did not offer this. He thought the fish soup was tasteless and needed some more flavouring. He enjoyed his ice lemon tea though!

Overall, I would not return again. The food was mediocre at best while the servers were quite rude and service was extremely slow. I could not pin point anything amazing about this restaurant that could possibly be better than other noodle soup restaurants. My all-time favourite noodle soup restaurant is still Deer Garden, but sometimes I like to stay out of the norm and try new places! Unfortunately, this occasion didn’t work out.


Duotian Fish Soup Noodles Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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